You can learn Japanese Traditional Martial Arts, Kobudo at Kan ou-kan in Hiroshima city. 

Kan ou-kan has three types of matial arts class, Jujutsu, Kenjutsu and Iai-Jutsu.

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Jujutsu, Shibukawa Ichi-ryu, has a lot of techniques. We learn just some tequniques with using weapons, like long-stick and short-stick. If you want to learn self defence with bare-hand, please contact the head office in Hiroshima city.


Kenjutsu, Oishi Shinkage-ryu, was famous for Oishi Susumu, who founded Oishi Shinkage-ryu in the early 1800s. Oishi Susumu swept over many dojos in Edo city by using a long bamboo-sword and stab-technique. But he left many techniques, like two-swords method, short-sword method and so on.


Iai-Jutsu, Muso Shinden Eishin-ryu, is a traditional school of iai-jutsu. It is so different from modern iai-jutsu. It has the practice system for learning technique by two persons. And also, It includes jujutsu technique. The opponent try to keep the grip of my sword. I do not draw my sword and do throw the opponent. It is very unique technique.


At Kita-Osaka Branch,

We practice Iai-jutsu mainly at Suita-city in Osaka.

And also, we can practice Kenjutsu depend on the progress.


If you have any question or interest, please contact us.

You can try practice with us or watch our lesson.

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